Review of the Brause Calligraphy Beginner’s Card Set #Exaclair #Calligraphy #Giveaway

Exaclair, Inc. has sent me a Brause Calligraphy Beginner’s Card Set for review, and is allowing me to host a giveaway.  (Giveaway is now closed).

The set is a large envelope, full of cards with examples of 9 traditional calligraphy alphabets – Carolingian Script, Chancery Cursive, Gothic, Gothic Black Letter, Gothic Fraktur, Italic Script, Modern Sans Serif, Roman, and Uncial.

Thank you to Exaclair, Inc.!

Size: Approximately 10 x 13 inches.

Paper: Cardstock

No. of Cards: 12

No. of Alphabets: 9

Except for two cards that are examples, each card has an alphabet.  Both upper and lower case are shown, except for Chancery Cursive.  It takes up two cards, one showing the uppercase and one showing lowercase.

These have pretty much the traditional calligraphy instruction.  The strokes of each character are numbered to show the order in which they should be made, and arrows are used to show the direction of the stroke.  If you’ve seen calligraphy instruction before, you know what to expect.

These are cards, so they are cardstock.  The surface is smooth, but not slick. They are also very large.

Sort of the large print of calligraphy instruction.  The photo below shows the set sitting in front of my computer screen to give you an idea of scale.

Because they are so large, the stroke and arrow information is easy to see.  You can tell, though, that these are instructions written on a smaller scale for the traditional size book, and blown up to this size, because you see the wobbles in the witing that normally don’t show.

The large size is still portable, though you wouldn’t be able to fit it in most purses, briefcases or folders.

The envelope is made of cardstock, similar to the cards though more slick.

It is held shut by a flap.  I think I’m going to put some Velcro on the flap, because I suspect this will tear sooner or later, if I use the set very often.

The set only includes cards (Brause does also do a set that includes nibs, ink and nib holders).


I have to confess that during my school years, the only art projects that I consistently scored poorly on were the Calligraphy projects.  And for this review, I had intended to spend some time practicing and showing you some awesome examples.  Well… the set was late coming to me, and I’m working on a big project, and my mother’s needed me to do a lot lately–you know, the usual life stuff.  I don’t see things changing for a while, so I bit the bullet and plowed ahead–scheduling the appointment and mixing metaphors at the same time, lol.

Deciding to get one up on personalized cards for the family, I wrote out the greetings on a mixed media card stock.  I did one practice run, and went for it.  I’m not exactly a beginner, but this is not my forte, so you a good idea of what the cards might help you do.

Carolingian Script

Chancery Cursive


Gothic Black Letter

Gothic Fraktur

Italic Script

Modern Sans Serif

Roman Alphabet



Although this Brause Calligraphy Beginner’s Card Set is called a beginner’s set, it only includes instructional cards, so you do need to get nibs, nib holders and ink elsewhere.

There are no surprises to the set, except for the size.  The instructions have minimal wordage and assume you’ll understand the numbered strokes and arrows.  Pretty much what you will see in any traditional calligraphy instruction.

The large print makes this great for anyone who finds it harder to see than they used to, and the cards can easily be propped up for viewing while you practice.



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