Lilac Breasted Roller #Watercolor #WatercolorBirds #ArtJournal

Mitsib was a couple of weeks late posting prompts 6 or 7 for ’52 Weeks of Watercolor Birds’. She has since posted her choices, but I didn’t want to lose my momentum, and decided to paint birds of my own choosing, meanwhile.

I chose the Lilac-Breasted Roller because I love the Lilacs and Blues.


I only used one brush – a Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin 5880 Size 10 and I used a Tom Lynch Juice color palette of Holbein’s Opera, Peacock Blue, Permanent Green No 1 and Permanent Yellow Lemon. I think these colors have been renamed and/or obsoleted.  I picked up all four colors for like $3 on clearance.  They’re very nice colors but not very light-fast.

I’m did this bird in the Global Art Materials Field Watercolor Artist Journal Hand Book, 7 by 10-Inch that I’m using for the ’52 Weeks of Watercolour Birds’.

I found my reference photo at the Morguefile archive.


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