Schoolyard Snack #Waterolor #Strathmore #DaVinci

My husband has been bugging me to paint him another critter, so I looked at photos on the Morguefile, and found a cutie to use as reference.

Colors used were M. Graham: Anthraquinone Blue; Daniel Smith: Hansa Yellow Light; Qor: French Cerulean Blue, Naples Yellow, Sap Green, Burnt Sienna, Permanent Alizarin Crimson.  The idea for this palette came from a book called ‘Painting Dynamic Watercolors’ by Domenic DiStefano, though I substituted a couple of different colors.  None of the colors were used straight from the tube, but instead I made various mixes (the scan is a little too yellow on my screen).

The Brushes I used were Da Vinci Cosmotop Mix B 5530 – size 4 for the squirrel and Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin 5880 Size 10, (I’ve provided Amazon links so you can see what these brushes look like, but note that if you are interested in actually buying, you can often get a better deal buying sets of brushes in more than one size.  I’d also recommend checking prizes at Cheap Joes, JerrysArtarama, and Blicks.  Watch out for shipping costs!)

The paper used was Strathmore Aquarius II.  This has become my go to paper.  It only comes in 80 lb, but it is a paper made with a mix of synthetic and cotton that doesn’t buckle or warp even with very wet washes.  This makes it fantastic for watercolor, art journaling or painting on the go because you don’t have to tape it down.  It will curl sometimes, as you paint, but then flattens out afterward.


One comment

  1. Jackie · February 21, 2016

    Love the ears on your critter.

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