Shaping the Page #SakuraOfAmerica #Gellyrolls #StillmanAndBirn

Yesterday, I mentioned the art journal background pages that I did using a sample of Sennelier’s new abstract acrylic paint.  That deep, rich Ultramarine Blue you see here is the result of that.

The dark paint seemed perfect for fluorescent Moonlight Gellyroll pen (which you might rightly believe that I am in love with), and one evening, while (semi) watching TV with my hubby, I decided I wanted to do some practice with circles.

Circles don’t have to be a perfect round or exactly the same on both sides.  It’s nice if the beginning and end meet exactly, though and there is a rhythm to drawing them.  I know many people avoid them, and that’s a shame.  Practice makes perfect enough, after all!


The next page was a bit lighter since I hadn’t applied the paint as heavily, but it still worked nicely with the Moonlight Gellyrolls, so I played with triangles, squares and rectangles.

Things shaped up nicely, lol!



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