A Moment’s Reflection #Watercolor #Strathmore #MGraham

Day 2 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal. Well, this was quickly done and I set it down, but then I picked it up and fussed some more once the initial washes were dry.

The initial painting was done with Ultramarine Blue (some color lifted for clouds) for sky and the farthest trees.  Permanent Green/Quinacridone Nickel Gold mixes of different ratios were used for the trees and grass.  The shadows were done with Ultramarine Violet and Quinacridone Rose and mixes of the two.

I like Ultramarine Violet for shadows, but it’s a weak color that  doesn’t make for darker values.  So I punched up the darker areas by mixing Ultramarine Violet with Phthalocyanine Blue (GS).  I lifted some areas in the trees to emphasize the ray of light, and added a thin glaze of Hansa Yellow Light.

Then I mixed some Permanent Green into the Violet/Blue mix and added a glaze of it to a few areas of the main tree, and to darken the background trees, as well as the shadow running across the ground.

Overall, I thinking I did what was needed without over-fussing. Score one for me!




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