Watercolor Journal #Watercolor #Strathmore #ArtJournal

One of my biggest problems when I paint … when I do art of any kind … is that I like to fuss.  I find it hard to stop, and keep trying for some unknown goal.

Finding myself in the mood to bind a book, I decided to make a small watercolor journal that I would devote to quick daily studies, trying to keep myself to 1/2 hour at the most, and less if possible. It’s only 10 pages, but I felt that was a decently long commitment.

I had an 8 x 8 canvas covered bookcover meant for book binding, and some Strathmore Aquarius II watercolor paper that I could easily cut to that size.  The Aquarius II is a good choice for something like this, because it’s a synthetic/cotton blend that doesn’t buckle or dimple when you paint on it, so stretching or taping it down isn’t necessary.

After painting the cover with yellow acrylic paint, I glued down a quick watercolor study I’d done in the past, and used a purple sharpie to add the title, frame the painting and the contrasting spine.  It’s a bit crooked, but in the spirit of the quick, I did it all without measuring anything, so I’m happy with it.


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