Plein Airly Bad to Better #PleinAir #Watercolor #Kilamanjaro

Last Thursday, I went on a Plein Air painting session with Kathy Delumpa Allegri and two other students to a lovely farm on Sauvie Island, Oregon.

I was off my game.  Partly because the heat was hovering around 100 degrees and partly because I’ve done pretty much zilch in drawing, painting, mixed media or any other kind of art for nearly a month.  That’s really rare for me.

My first attempt on site was a 5×7 (second painting down) that was really meant to only be a quick warmup to play with composition and get a sense of value.  But the third painting down was an 8 x 10 that I just couldn’t get a handle on.  I wasn’t sure how to handle that willow tree, I was trying to get too much scenery on the page and I was overwhelmed with all the green.

Once I got home, I thought about it a bit, and, overall, I decidedI was trying to channel Stephen Quiller, so I went online and studied his paintings for a bit.  I made the decision to switch to portrait to help with the sense of farmland rolling on and on.  It also helped me decide how to handle the willow tree and add colors other than green.  I didn’t get nearly as adventuresome as Quiller, with either my shapes or colors, but he’s been at it a lot longer than I have, lol.

All in all, despite the heat, we had a lovely day.  Our hosts were wonderful.  We had a fantastic lunch and a great time.




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