Sitting on a Park Bench with a Pen Almost Out of Ink #JHerbin #Clairefontaine #Creapen

My Creapen brush pen cartridge was almost out of ink when I did this drawing, which allowed me to do some shading that I normally couldn’t do because the ink would be to dark.

Still playing with more realistic art, and this one shows where my control is weakest. On most bristle brush pens, at the very tip, there are fine bristles that are longer than the rest.  If you hold the pen a certain way you can get very thin, very precise lines.  But you have to hold the pen just a certain way and use a very light hand.

Part of my problem is my lighting.  I do most of my artwork in the evening, and my lighting isn’t the best.  I’m used to it, and do all right, but it does make it hard to see where those fine bristles are.

I had meant to go back and add more detail to the faces but ran out of ink. I’m afraid to do it with the new cartridge because the lines would be so dark at this point.  Maybe I’ll come back when the ink gets lower.  But probably not.

Done with a J. Herbin Creapen Brush pen on Clairefontaine Calligraphie paper that I’ve bound into an art journal.

One comment

  1. Jane · March 10, 2015

    I like it as it is. It has a lot of presence. Jane

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