Jaws on Aqua #Fabriano #Zentangle #Tiziano

I wonder what kind of animal those teeth belong to! You’d think I’d know, considering I drew them, but nope.  There they are, fresh from the brain of yours truly, and I don’t have a clue. Lol! I crack myself up sometimes.

This was done on aqua Fabriano Tiziano.  I almost didn’t share it, because it got stained when I dropped another piece with wet paint on it.  I can also tell that my wrist was bothering me when I drew this, because I didn’t fill in my colors solidly.

Then, I decided what the heck.  The point isn’t to share my perfection with you–I’d never be sharing in that case.  The point is in the sharing itself.  I think my jaws are funny, because I’m really not sure why I decided to draw them.  Fun is much more interesting to share than perfection!



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