Review Day Four- Clearprint Vellum Field Book #Clearprint #Vellum #Decoupage

Welcome to Day Four of my review of the Clearprint Vellum field book.  The bulk of the review can be found on Day One.  Each day the rest of this week, I’m reviewing a page done in the same book using a different medium.

Watercolor and Decoupage on Clearprint Vellum

Today’s piece has a watercolor background, and drawing cut out and decoupaged onto the page with gel medium.  After I had scanned this both front and back, I thought it would be fun to add lines with a brush pen to try for the stained glass look.

Out of all the pieces I did for this review, this is the one I like the least.  Partly that is because it was rushed as I wanted to get this review done before the end of the year (I always do that–impose self-inflicted deadlines that matter to no one but myself.  Alas! They’re a pain, but they do help me get things done, since I’ll procrastinate if I don’t have a deadline).

Watercolor works on this paper, but it does present challenges. On the top half of the page you can see the watercolor without any gel medium.  On the bottom, where I applied gel medium to glue down my printing of the angel, you can how the watercolor smeared and darkened.  I actually like the smeared and darkened better.  I was expecting it as well.  Unless you use a fixative, watercolor will react to any wet medium even after it dries. I’ll discuss watercolor more in tomorrow’s review.

The angel was originally done online in a program called Scribbler2.  I printed the drawing onto a transfer paper that was similar to Clearprint Vellum in color and translucence.

The vellum held up to the gel medium fairly well.  It did dimple quite a bit as it dried, but smoothed out almost entirely after weighting it down overnight.  The scan doesn’t show it but you can see the brush strokes where the gel medium was applied.  It doesn’t show much, just enough to add a slight sense of texture.

Overall, the picture looks better in real life than it does in the scan.

On the back, the color shows through.  The scan picked up what look like dimples, but you can’t see them with the eye.  I hadn’t added gold leaf to the back of this page, but the stains along the edge are from the gold added to the front.

As I was writing this, I took the notion to add a stained glass effect.  I had family coming soon, so I very quickly drew lines using a J. Herbin brush pen.  I had discovered that a brush pen gives darker values on the page without as much work as Micron or Sketchplan.

Now, held up to the light, the front of the page looks like this!  Still needs work, but definitely a project for the future!

Tomorrow I’ll share a page and further explore watercolor on Clearprint vellum! I hope you’ll join me!

You can skip this part if you’ve already read it: Earlier this year, I participated in Clearprint’s Cross-Country project.  It is a fantastic deal.  You let them know you want to join up, and they send you TWO of their Vellum field books.  In one, you do a work of art, using whatever medium you desire, and within a week you send that book back to them.  The second book is yours to keep! Forever!

Additionally, your artwork is uploaded to the Cross-Country gallery, and featured on the Clearprint Facebook page.  I’ve been told the project will continue as long as there are pages left in the Cross-Country book, so you still have time to sign up!


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