Wrong-Handed ATC Watercolor #Zentangle #Zendoodle

This has been a bad year for my art in some ways, and a fantastic year in others.

I developed a problem with my wrist, shortly before the year started, and it plagued me most of the year.  Now, I’m finally at the point where I can do my line-drawing without pain, as long as I pace myself.
While this was frustrating, it also had its benefits.  One of the ways I worked around the pain was to draw and paint with my non-dominant hand.  I’ve always had some control with this hand, but it’s definitely not as steady, and I find it more difficult to draw lightly.  What I found though, was that it was a bit of reset, almost a starting over, making me think about the abilities that have been second-nature for me.
I’m very glad to be back to using my left hand, but I enjoyed the challenges of not using it.
We often forget that unexpected challenges are not necessarily a hardship, but a chance to be thankful for what we have and to refresh our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.
This is an ATC from earlier in the year done with a brush pen in my right hand.  I’m keeping it beside my computer, so I’ll be sure to look at it often and remember to be thankful.


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