Journal52 Prompt 20-Book Inspired #Journal52 #ArtJournalPrompt #ArtJournaling

Can you believe that Journal52 has been going on for 20 weeks now?

This weeks prompt was very dear to my heart…but I was already working on two other projects.  I wanted to work on the prompt but at the same time, I didn’t want to pull my energy from the other projects.  I was trying to work out some ideas, and I wanted all my thoughts there.

So, I fell back on my old standby.  Words.  I like this method.  You can vary the way you box in the words without spending too much time deciding how you’ll do it.  Doing a project this way every few weeks also ties the journal together, giving it a cohesiveness that might be lacking if you change styles often.

 I already had some splatters of paint from other projects on the page.  I whipped out the yellow Montana Marker and colored the page in about two seconds.  I chose Sakura Gellyrolls for the words and book covers.  I wish I had used something else for the words.  They look good in real life, but don’t scan well.

As a child, I used to visit the library on Friday, check out 9-12 books and read them all over the week-end.  Most of these titles, I read over and over.  I read everything.  I was born with a cleft palette and as part of my speech therapy, my doctors taught me to read when I was three.  By the time I hit 1st grade I was reading my mother’s Perry Mason and Zane Grey westerns.  It didn’t matter.  If it was bound between covers and wasn’t physically removed from my hands–I read it.


One comment

  1. robinpich · April 14, 2015

    I love this!! And my daughter was born with a cleft palate and partial cleft lip. But that’s awesome the therapist taught you to read at such a young age. Wonderful!

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