Friday Links to Tangles, Tutorials and Giveaways #zentangle #Giveaways #Lifeimitatesdoodles

Pre-scheduled link list of sites that post regularly.  My regular link list will resume on Monday! Thank you for your patience.



Weekly Zentangle Roundup (afternoon post)


A Colorful Journey

Earnest Ward: Drawn to Life

Paperhaus Magazine


Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine



  1. lijesm · April 11, 2014

    Hi Sandra

    Did you get my last two emails regarding a new pattern and a piece of artwork using my stencil and tangle patterns. It’s just that normally you acknowledge them but I’ve not seen anything. So that’s why I was wondering if you received them. I’ll resend anyway.

    Kind Regards

    Lizzie Mayne

    A new pattern called Thebazilly and a peice of artwork combining stencil and doodle

    • Lizzy,

      I’ve been traveling the last three weeks and only had my tablet, which limits me severely. I can’t edit or post on my blog. Really about all I can do is Facebook, and even that is marginal. All my blog posts were pre-shecduled. I did send you an email in response to one of your posts, but perhaps it didn’t arrive.

      I’ve already filled up my Monday link-list, which will be my first back-to-normal post, but I’ll add these to my Tuesday list.

      Thank you for sending me the links!


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