Review of the Paperblanks Blush Pink Guestbook #Paperblanks #LifeImitatesDoodles

Normally, I do artwork for my reviews but, in case, I gave the guestbook away and wanted to leave it blank so the winner good use this for an event. Therefore, I haven’t reviewed the performance of the paper. All my experience with products from Paperblanks leads me to expect that it will be excellent.


9 x 7 inches

Landscape orientation

White, Lined, Acid-free paper

2 columns per page

Smyth sewn binding

Memento pouch

Red Ribbon marker

Metal Clasp

When I first saw photos of Paperblanks’ Silver Filagree collection, I thought it actually had a metal fillagree.  Later I realized it was a raised silver pattern, shaded to give the impression of metal floating over satin.  It is beautifully done.


The clasp is metal.  The connection is fairly shallow–you won’t be able to shake it loose, but the slightest bump in the right place opens the clasp.


See that painted edging?  It echoes the design of the filigree and is painted on all three sides.


The Smythe-sewn binding is extremely sturdy.  You won’t be losing pages from this book.

The book lies flat.


Each page has two columns for writing.  The paper is white with light silverish lines.  There is a slick coating that reminds me of paper made for alcohol markers and the paper is thick so I wouldn’t expect show-through or bleed-through.


Although the clasp is the only metal, this is a heavy book.  If you do use it for guests to sign, it will stay in place.  If you are using it for journaling (which is what I would do), it would probably be too heavy for carrying around

The only thing I feel this book lacks for a guest book is a front page designed to record what the event is, some description and a date.  The front piece is just a brown-bronze color with no markings except the Paperblanks name toward the bottom.  If you are using the book for journaling or records, this lack is better.  I guess you could attach an invitation or flyer to the front if this is to be a mememto of some special occasion. 


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