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Listing the latest

There’s an interesting article on the European Paper blog about using lists in your blog posts. I’m in one of my whimsical (that means slightly mad) moods this morning.  I have a few drawings that I haven’t posted for one reason or another.

The instant I read the article, this list popped into my head–my previously unposted pieces have almost nothing in common, but now they are related because they’re in the same list.


1. Longhorn

2. Goldfish

3. Flying House


This post is a bit of a joke, but the article at the European Paper blog is well worth reading if you blog!

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  1. You need to do one of these for Donkeys!!

  2. This is super cool! Saw your pingback from the European Paper blog .
    And I agree with Julie….do one for donkeys! I love donkeys! <3


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